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Wholesale Center "Blumenstok" is a wholesale of flowers and floral tools, consist of Cut Flowers, Potted Plants, Floral Knives, Floral Stripper, Prunning Shares in several sizes, Wire Cutters, Glue Guns, Glue stickers, Vases, Containers, Decorative Accents and Accessories.

At the start, Blumenstok was a 40m2 warehouse in 2004 and Blumenstok grew to three wholesale warehouses across Vologda, Cherepovets and Kostroma.

Blumenstok imports the highest quality products directly from the foreign suppliers, through no intermediaries.

Key suppliers of Blumenstok:

fresh cut flowers - imported from Hamifleurs, Netherlands.


potted plants - imported from Noviflora, Netherlands.


Our company is famous for its reputation of reliability, unification and high quality. We strive for maintaining high cusomters' satisfaction. We aim to provide excellent service in many ways, including sales, delivery service and help our client to contact Dutch suppliers directly.

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