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About the Botanical Garden


In January 2013, the initial constructing of Winter Garden has lead to the idea of a building a wonderful natural garden where people can come, learn and relax; from then a botanical garden is eshtablished in 2016 in Vologda city by Sir Anton Nikitin, the CEO of Flower Region. It is a home for an outstanding collection of more than 500 exotic plant species from around the world.

Due to the fact that there are only 25 botanical gardens located in St.Petersburg, Moscow and Tver, the eshtablishment of botanic garden in Vologda is urgent for the city and region development. It has been 34 years but there are only two botanic garden opened in 1979, Barnaul and in 1994, Altai  Krai, which both do not include indoor garden.

Our botanic garden is 3500 squaremeters is devided into 3 parts: nature, education and entertain parts. Our garden main task is to inform visitors about the significance, irreversible value of plants to the well-being of humans. We promote botanical knowledge through the culvitation of wonderful plants, represent displays of the plants, exhibits and educational program to the public. Also, naturalist, experts, residence who is interested in flowers, plants and students will be involved actively in further development of the botanic garden.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hestitate to contact us at e-mail marketing@flregion.ru or call our office : ( 8172) 28-43-37 , 8 ( 921 ) 064-34-17 .