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Onosino farm

"Onosino's" village is located in a picturesque place, on the high hill directly opposite to the Kubena River, which is 10 km from Harovsk (Vologda region). It is 95 km away from Vologda.

In 2012, Oleg Nikitin, one of the founders of the conglomerate "Flower Region", built a small aviary in his village. It started with three gooses, 10 hans and 20 ducks.

Later on, Oleg Evgenyevich bought 90 hectares of the land adjacent to Onosino. He involved the second founder of the conglomerate, Nikitin Anton, in the new industry. From 2012  to 2013, there were many improvements. A turkey farm and a garage for agricultural machinery were built. Not only that, houses for workers were repaired. Most importantly, the first 100 turkeys were grown under the watchful guidance of Oleg Evgenevich.

In 2014, this farm was introduced to public. It is aimed to:

  • take advantage of 40-yard land and produce argicultural products.
  • get profitable healthy pollution-free products.
  • add another right, lively and interesting trend to the association.

In 2014, it involed in Ecological Footprint and was planned to grow up 600 turkey-cocks, approximately from 7 to 11 tons of meat, 100 ducks, 100 hans, 20 gooses and 3000 eggs.

The plans for the future are production of rabbits and sheeps, breeding quails and bees. Moreover, the most strategic intent is to create a small tourist place for ecotourism.