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Garden centers "4 Gardens"

The very first store "4 Gardens" was opened in July 2008. It has grown to become a network of garden centers, including 8 stores across Russia. Garden centers "4 Gardens" sell products from "SHP Flowers", with a wide range of outdoor plants grown from Dutch and Polish seedlings, cuttings and seeds obtained from their own queen cells.

Plants are nursed in “SHP Flowers"; then are delivered to garden centers with closed root system, provides the ability for the flowers to be bloomed any time of year.

Plants are sold after passing a period of acclimatization and adaptation. That is the reason why even the plants that are considered to be exotic for this region such as apricots and grapes, could be grown in the soil and climate conditions of Vologda region.

In each of the garden centers you can buy not only plants but also the entire range of all necessary things for the gardens, cottages and summer activities including garden tools and furniture, fertilizers and soils, tools, sheeting, household accessories, street lamps and interior items.

"4 garden" offers:

    • garden plants that are suitable for the conditions of our region from the most extensive assortment in the proposal;
    • advice on the necessary varieties and species of plants, as well as on the conditions for their cultivation;
    • the necessary garden, leisure tools or accessories at attractive prices;
    • discount card that gives you a discount on the entire range;
    • design or landscape service from specialists of Landscaping center 4 Gardens;