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SHP Flowers

SHP Flowers- production company- was founded in 2000 by Nikitin Oleg Evgenyevich who having previously worked in State Farm Flowers as a manager.

Prior to 2004, State Farm Flowers and SHP Flowers operated in parallel. Since 2004, when Nikitin A.O. took over the company, fundamental changes began: OOO SHP Flowers became the sole owner of all productive assets. Territory, production and management were cleaned up. Unprofitable and not the cross-sectional directions were liquidated and renovated. The entire production complex was restored and reconstructed.

Here and now, the production department of SHP Flowers is headed by Soboleva Valentina Nikolaevna- a reliable and skillful expert who can achieve the best results in the country on some specific products.

SHP Flowers under her leadership began to produce gorgeous tulips, competitive seedlings, superior seedlings of fruit trees and shrubs. Yet, there are some problems in SHP work: production of lilies, roses and potted plan cannot be arranged totally appropriately; this will be mastered gradually. At the beginning, SHP Flowers produced only 50 000 tulips for March 8; nevertheless, in 2013, 900 000 were produced; in 2014, the number reached to 1 500 000 bulbs of tulips and 50 000 other bulbous plants (hyacinths, crocuses, narcissuses) were put into production.

Besides manufacturing plants, SHP has already produced excellent soils, which  assortment line was expanded in 2014. Bulbs and roots of horticultural plants were packaged for gardeners.

The development of SHP Flowers will be unlimited for the next 10 years. In 2014, production of pottery plants will go into production and long-term seedling in suspended cache-pots will be grown. In the following years, the production of a rose and lilies will be reinforced. It is planned to reach the quantity of tulips to 3,000,000 units for March 8. 

Process of production of raspberry and strawberry saplings will also be enlarged, including entering a large number of new grades, replacing the production packing and essentially increasing outputs.

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