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About holding

Flower region - a conglomerate company comprises 10 subsidiaries and affiliated business.

These projects has also been introduced:

Key to success of Flower Region:

  • production, sales and service unificatiton.
  • own production of raw material.
  • high-skilled and self-directed employees.
  • continuous effort to maintain customers' and partners' satisfaction.
  • appropriate technology upgrade.

History of organisation

The very first enterprise of this conglomerate was found in 1986 by Oleg Nikitin. At the start, his business focused mainly on flower decorator.
Read more about the history of association.

The headquarter

The headquarter of Flower Region is located in Vologda city, at Jershovsky lane 10a. Its perimeter is 17ha, in which manufacturers, warehouses and technical facilities accounts for 2ha.

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